zeraph moore | INK youth zine project coordinator | visual artist + poet | ❂✍ ☎
Zeraph is the founder of Bangor Media Collective and a major organizer today. Zir artistic work includes digital photography, filmmaking and painting. Zir organizing work includes both mainstream, professional artists and underground and activist artists.

martin chartrand| cofounder and treasurer | singer-songwriter ☎★♫
I write songs because it is the most wonderful thing, to me, to be heard.  In the midst of a world that has me feeling by turns overwhelmed and empty, anxious and ecstatic, my music is how I find equanimity.  Martin was interviewed together with Joe Gates as part of their musical project BreadRose in August 2010 for the RazzleRose blog.

jessica moulton| visual + installation art ❂
Jessica was featured in an interview in RazzleRose in July 2010.

suzanne anderson | polymer clay jewelrymaker ❂ ☎
Suzanne was featured in an interview in RazzleRose in February 2011.

joe gates | musician ♫ 
Joe was interviewed along with other members of the group he helped to found, Bangor Bassists 4 Bassists, in a March 2011 interview in RazzleRose.

anthony anderson | Maine Gallery Guide ☎ ♥
Promoting Maine art is my life’s work. I am open to new thinking, networking and anything that helps the cause.

diana willette | Arts for Hunger | printmaker + teacher + organizer
I am an artist residing in Unity, Maine. I have a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art and I consider myself a printmaker although I teach a vast variety of media. I have worked for a number of years running an art program for adults with disabilities and have held numerous exhibits over the years including a traveling exhibit with the Robinson Ballet and student work in Very Special Arts. I do my own work at Circling the Square Fine Arts Press in Gardiner…  I have also help run and organize Arts for Hunger in Unity for the last four years.

jeffrey egolf | organizing member | visual art, music and promotion ☎ ♥

joann bolduc | Crack Rock Records | musician + punk music promoter
I think [the Collective is] a great way to keep in contact with other local artists, musicians, writers and performers. I also believe that it’s the first step towards fulfilling the pressing need for a community DIY workspace to be utilized by those of us who have the talent and ideas but don’t have the opportunity to exploit their skills via a workspace or networking team.

joe zowghi | core member | visual artist

kevin smith | fox ventures | web design + publishing
I am a web-designer/publisher who likes to focus on small business, non-profits, and independent performers/artists. I’d love to get meshed into the local scene here in Bangor, and meet some really awesome people working on incredible projects.

mario moretto | Journalator | writing + photography

osca mokeme | The Museum of African Culture | ★
Our mission is education through the use of art, music, films, drumming ,theater, healing ceremonies and storytelling to preserve traditional African art and culture and celebration of diversity of all types in the State of Maine and beyond.

*And more. Our membership list is not fully updated, and members have the option of being unlisted.

Key to the Membership List:

♫  Musician
♥ Art supporter/art lover
☎ Organizing and Core Members
★ Activists and Organizers
❂ Visual Artists
✍  Writers and Journalists