You can make a huge difference in our work!

We are sustained by donations from our wonderful members and friends. We receive no major foundation grants. We are counting on you to make it all happen. Please consider giving to Bangor Media Collective.

We are an all-volunteer collective. Every dollar you donate will help make the collective better or help a youth achieve creatively through our youth project. Donations allow us to support social and economic justice in our communities through independent media; give grants, resources and support to youth and youth organizations; and perform all the essential tasks that make the Collective possible.

Your donation is tax-deductible when you give through FirstGiving or write your check to our fiscal sponsor, Resources for Organizing and Social Change.

Donate by check: Please write your check out to “Bangor Media Collective” or “Resources for Organizing and Social Change” (if you wish your donation to be tax-deductible) and mail to Bangor Media Collective, 71 Division Street, Bangor ME 04401.

Donate by credit/debit: Please visit our FirstGiving profile. Your credit card information is kept secure by FirstGiving. Your donation will go through our fiscal sponsor, ROSC, and will be tax-deductible.

Wish List

Put your stuff to good use! Give us a buzz at

* Monitor power cables
* USB cable (type A to B end)
* Monitor to computer cables
* Computers
* Monitors
* Paper
* Glue sticks
* Scissors, adult and child
* Fine point sharpies
* Soft linoleum for carving
* Carving tools for linoleum
* Blockprinting inks
* Interesting stamps, inks, and paper goods
* Old encyclopedias, children’s books, magazines, etc., for cutting up
* Postage and mailing supplies
* Printing and copying services
* Unused space for art shows